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Custom AR15 and AR10 Builds

We will build or modify your AR platform.  We do not use or sell commercial spec equipment and neither should you. We use only Mil-spec parts and equipment.

Gunsmith & Cleaning

We provide a full range of services.


We consistently stock the following brands: Ruger, Glock, Springfield Armory, Beretta, Colt, Bushmaster, and DPMS. We are also dealers for direct manufacturers including Spikes, Bravo Company and Lewis Machine Tool.

Special Order

We are happy to special order any item. We are also accomplished at finding hard to find weapons that have been out of production for years. Sometimes these items will require advance payment.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfer

We will receive firearms from other retailers for a charge of $20. We must receive and approve the senders FFL prior to receiving the weapon. You must still complete all form 4473 paperwork and posses a Georgia Weapons Carry Permit or pass an FBI NICS check.

We will ship firearms to any FFL dealer unless you are located in California, Illinois or New York City sorry someone must pay the price for poor leader selection in these locations.

Consignment Sell

We will sell your weapons for you for a percentage of the sale. After we inspect the weapon and agree on a target range we will discuss the commission sale which typically ranges from 10-30% depending on the difficulty of finding a buyer.


Deals on bulk ammunition are getting extremely difficult to obtain. We try and stock the following calibers consistently: 9mm, 45AP, 5.56. We will be happy to obtain any  ammunition for you.  We also sell custom reloads.

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